Hydrocephalus – Causes, Symptom and Surgical Treatments - Symptoms of adult onset hydrocephalus

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Difficulty focusing the eyes. Unsteady walk or.

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Eastyle.info › Patients › Neurosurgical-Conditions-and-Treatments.
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Hydrocephalus is a condition in which excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) builds up within the ventricles (fluid-containing cavities) of the brain and may increase pressure within the head.​ Although hydrocephalus often is described as "water on the brain," the "water" is actually CSF.
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Symptoms of Hydrocephalus in young and middle-aged adults. Headache; difficulty in Adult-onset NPH mainly occurs in adults age 60 and older. Patients with.
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Hydrocephalus can happen at any age, but it occurs more frequently among infants and adults 60 and over. Surgical treatment for.

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